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Nike Air Force 1 Low màu vàng

Giày Nike Air Force 1 Low - Nam

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Nike Air Force 1 Low màu vàng
Nike Air Force 1 Low màu vàng
Nike Air Force 1 Low màu vàng
  • Giày thể thao Nike Air Force 1 Low


Nike Air Force 1 Low History

Bruce Kilgore, Nike’s just as iconic shoe designer, introduced the revolutionary Air Force 1 in 1982. The low cut model was introduced to add more variety and freedom of movement for basketball enthusiasts. It also contained the novel design of putting the Air technology for the first time in basketball shoes.

Besides the Air in the midsole, the outsole was also revamped to cater to the needs of hoops fans. Replacing the tried and tested herringbone pattern were a series of circles that were better-suited for the hard and sudden movements in basketball.

Nike stopped the production of this shoe in 1984, but only to bring it back because of popular demand. While the decision to bring back the shoe was questionable back 1986, it proved to be a decision that somehow shaped the entire sneaker world.

Since its re-introduction in the mid-80’s, the Air Force 1 has seen so many varieties and has been involved in so many collaborations with numerous artists and designers. No less than several of the world’s top athletes and entertainment personnel have been consistent endorsers of this sneaker. From the hard court to the street, the sneaker’s unbelievable and unprecedented success ensure that it will be a staple in the future and in the feet of kids who have not even known of its existence yet.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Style

The history, popularity, and timeless charm of the Nike Air Force 1 Low make it a stylish option for basically all occasions. As proven by the people who have fashionably worn the shoe, it takes the wearer from the streets, to formal, or hard court action. It is a versatile sneaker that can be used together with jeans and shorts.

Fit & Sizing

The fit of the Air Force 1 Low is typical of a basketball-based sneaker. It has exceptional hold and support. Those who need a little more freedom in their movement can get that from the low cut design of the sneaker. The men’s sizing ranges from 6 to 18 while the women’s is from 5 to 12. It generally runs true to size.

Notable Features

For a shoe of this status, it is quite simply difficult to pin down one notable feature above the others. People the world over have fallen in love with this shoe for a variety of reasons. They each have their own stories to tell when it comes to the Nike Air Force 1 Low.

But, based on historical background the most notable feature in the Air Force series would have to be the Air Technology in the midsole. As people very well know, Nike utilized for the first time an Air bag in the midsole of the Air Force 1. The Air Technology was particularly very prominent as it gave the shoe more cushioning without adding too much weight to its already considerable frame.

Placing the Air bag in the midsole was a turning point in the Air Force 1’s humble beginnings. It created a stir as basketball players were willing to check the shoe’s performance and it also translated to a very comfortable feel for those who were already looking to test it for casual walks. In this sense, the iconic technology is very much the soul and character of the Nike Air Force 1 Low.

Additional Info

  • Etched in the deubre is the label “AF-1 ‘82” to commemorate the year it was introduced.
  • Nike’s patented Air technology provides reliable midsole shock-absorbing features and cushioning.
  • A premium leather upper delivers durability, support, and plush feel. The upper also serves as a good starting point for those who still like to use the shoe on the hard court playing hoops.
  • Perforations in the upper leather of the Nike Air Force 1 Low provide adequate ventilation.
  • Celebrities and athletes like Jay-Z, LeBron James, Fat Joe, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, 50 Cent, Tony Parker, Chris Brown, Cristiano Ronaldo, Busta Rhymes, and so many more have worn the shoe at one time or another.

Review: Chúng tôi đã dành rất nhiều thời gian để thu thập đánh giá từ các chuyên gia và người dùng một cách khách quan. Sau đây là bản tổng đánh giá của chúng tôi.

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  • 11 reasons to buy
  • A large number of reviewers reported that the low cut version of the Air Force 1 can be worn all day in comfort.
  • The durability of this shoe greatly impressed many buyers.
  • For such a popular shoe with superb performance, the price point is more than reasonable.
  • It comes in so many color variations.
  • The shoe is available in multiple retailers despite its hugely iconic status.
  • Several fans of the Air Force 1 Low noted that after more than 3 decades, the shoe still effortlessly works in the basketball court.
  • Some buyers valued its multi-purpose appeal.
  • Most purchasers appreciated its iconic and stylish flair.
  • The shoe bridges the gap, fashion-wise, between the 80’s and the current craze.
  • It is released in numerous variations and collabs every single year.
  • The Air Force 1 is the best-selling athletic shoe of all time.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several online buyers were disappointed that some of the colorways are not what they really are.
  • A handful noted that it is still a little bulky.
  • The Nike Air Force 1 Low is a bit heavy.

Bottom line

Released shortly after the original Hi-Top model was introduced, the Air Force 1 Low has also stood the test of time. The popularity of the shoe sees no signs abating as people of all ages continue to be drawn to its ridiculous popularity and amazing history. Although the latest Low Top model of the Air Force offers slight changes, this continues to be the shoe that has won the hearts and adulation of millions of people through the years. More importantly, Nike has made the shoe readily available to its throngs of fans, so the standard retail price is very reasonable.

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